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Steamer Lane Ventures is a private investment office founded on the belief that the transition to a low-carbon, non-toxic global economy is not only the biggest challenge that humanity faces, but also holds vast opportunity for those who embrace and enable it.

Investing into mission-driven companies and seeing them improve lives is inspiring and deeply rewarding beyond chasing return rates and obsessing about exit multiples. That said, we are convinced that impactful innovation that changes the world for the better will also create superior financial outcomes in the long run.

"Fixing the planet is just good business. Shame and guilt won’t get us there, markets will."

- Chris Sacca, Lowercarbon Capital

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We are investing in these key areas of sustainable innovation:

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Energy, mobility and industrial efficiency, transition and cleanup

Client 2


Sustainable and ethical living, eating, drinking and building

Client 3


Opportunity and well-being for a growing world population

Client 5


The drivers, enablers and accelerators of the sustainability revolution

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Building a diversified impact portfolio

We are starting our journey with a large number of small bets, spread broadly across our four focus areas. This will allow us to learn, observe, and collect data to build models and hypotheses toward a refined long-term investment strategy.

Our close to 100 investments include

  • Decentralized power generation and storage, smart buildings, water treatment, weather intelligence, micromobility, aviation, robotics, alternative mining, carbon capture, fusion energy;

  • Plant-based foods and composites, smart farming, algae technologies, waste reduction, food processing, recycling and circular economy;

  • Advanced prosthetics, telehealth, dieting;

  • Software for managing sustainable infrastructure, industrial optimization, carbon accounting and credits, democratizing investment, and philanthropy.

We are operating as a closed private fund until we have a track record to prove that if you follow your heart, the investment success will follow.

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A few recommended books for learning and inspiration.

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Vincent Petit, 2022

A New Approach to the Energy Transition

John Doerr, 2021

An Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now

Saul Griffith, 2021

An Optimist's Playbook for Our Clean Energy Future

Ray Dalio, 2021

Why Nations Succeed and Fail

Byron Reese, 2018

Smart Robots, Conscious Computers, and the Future of Humanity

Jason Calacanis, 2017

How to Invest in Technology Startups

Jermey Rifkin, 2014

The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism

Nicholas Carr, 2013

Rewiring the world from Edison to Google – The Definitive Guide to the Cloud Computing Revolution


The world gets enough bad news, so we are focusing on encouraging and positive reporting.

Some articles may only be accessible with a subscription.

Effective March 8, 2022, this section is continued on our LinkedIn page.

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